How to determine if a visitor check-in application is right for your office.

For large corporations with hundreds of employees, the ability to use an automated check-in system might not be the best fit, especially if there’s the need for tight security, signatures and ID checks which in most cases would be better served with a face to face interaction.

For a small to medium size companies that are frequently looking for ways to keep overhead low and streamline the check-in process, an automated check-in application may be the perfect way to free up an office manager from doing a time consuming and sometimes unnecessary task. As we’ve seen through the last couple decades more and more roles once thought to require personnel within the office are transitioning to an automated system.

So, how do you best determine if an automated check-in application is right for your office?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Does your office have a steady stream of visitors through the day?

From clients, scheduled appointments, walk-ins visitors, vendors, package drop-offs and deliveries, the front office can be a busy area.

If your office consistently has visitors coming through your doors, a check-in application could transform and improve your current process.

Are Employees difficult to track down when visitors arrive?

The ability for an office manager to locate employees during their busy day can add a whole new layer of frustration that an automated system would never even break a sweat from. Employees may be on-site, out to lunch, in a conference meeting or working in a common area away from their desk. Many companies encourage moving around and working in common areas.

If this sounds like a set-up similar to your office, then an automated check-in application is a good fit for you.

Does your office get unscheduled and scheduled visitors?

It can put a real strain on an office manager to deal with both walk-in and scheduled appointments. Front desk personnel can get overwhelmed quickly by an unscheduled visitor, especially if they have multiple questions that require the front desk admins complete attention. This one visitor could potentially hold up multiple scheduled visitors from getting checked-in and to their appointments on time. A check-in application could be a true time saver as well as job saver. Using the two options in tandem can be a great way to keep your visitors pleased and on schedule.

Do your visitors require privacy when checking in?

How many times have you had to check in by filling out a sign in sheet that asks for your name, phone number and other private information that sits out for all visitors to see for the rest of the day? No one wants their private information lying around for anyone to see.

Or have you been to a drug store and had a line of people behind you listening in on what prescriptions you’re picking up? It’s not the most secure interaction and can at times feel very invasive. You never know who might be listening in.

A check-in app can be safe and secure and put your visitors at ease.

Red Minnow has the solution

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Red Minnow Interactive has a create the perfect solution for your company: The Ultra Office Check-In app .

The Ultra Office Check-In app is an automated visitor check-in application that allows your visitors to check-in using an in-office touch screen or their own mobile device. It is a dedicated office assistant that is always ready.

Once a user selects the employee they are there to see and completes the information on the form, the application will automatically send a customized text or email message to that employee. There is no need to track the employee down or know their current schedule. The app handles it.

If you have a very busy front office, multiple Ultra Office Check-In apps can be used in tandem, allowing for multiple people to check in at the same time. There is no limit to how many can be used at the same time.

The Ultra Office Check-In app solves privacy issues. Visitors enter any information you require through an interactive screen. Once submitted, the data is removed from screen so the next visitor will never see others’ personal information. You can rest assured knowing your visitor data is secure.

If that isn’t private enough, your visitors can bypass interacting with the touchscreen completely. By scanning an on-screen QR Code, they will be directed to an online form to check-in using their own cell phone. What feels more safe and secure than using your own device in private? No talking to anyone. No interacting with anything else. Just you and your phone.

The Ultra Office Check-In app is fully customizable, allowing you to chose what information to display to your visitor as well as the information you want from them that fits your business needs. Add a custom background, your logo and employees and modify all messages within the app and what is sent to your employees. The Ultra Office Check-In app can completely emulate your brand and business environment.

Learn more about the Ultra Office Check-In app

If the Ultra Office Check-In app sounds like something your company needs, please contact Red Minnow Interactive for more information or schedule a demo today.

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