Interactive Wayfinding Application

Red Minnow Interactive is excited to introduce 2D and 3D wayfinding technology to our interactive touch screen offerings, which provides an engaging and streamlined way to guide your guests to their destination. Whether you have one building or an entire campus, our scalable technology can provide a solution, including wheel-chair accessible routes through your building or buildings.

How it Works:

  1. Provide an illustration of your building’s (or buildings’) floor plan, campus map, whatever you want us to map.
  2. We create an interactive 2D or 3D map with routing information, room numbers, landmarks, etc., and a searchable directory.
  3. Your guests go to your kiosk in your building and either clicks on a room number or searches the directory for their destination and an animated path is displayed to show the best route
  4. This information can be sent to the user’s phone by text or via a QR Code.
  5. The user can also be directed to an online version of the map with their directions!

Don’t want a kiosk in your building?

No problem! Direct your users to your mobile-friendly web-based wayfinding app, where they can get the same user experience and directions.

But wait, there’s more!

Using Beacon and Augmented Reality technology, your guests can get virtual directions using the camera on their phone to lead them exactly where the need to go! It is truly amazing! Plus, all of this is completely updatable through the easy to use Content Management System.

Please contact us for more information on this exciting technology and how Red Minnow can provide a complete interactive solution for your company. You can also download our product sheet for more information.

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