Art Lovers Can Safely View the Schumacher Gallery Collection Through Our Newly Released Mobile App

Warhol, Picasso, Gaugin, Lichtenstein and Dali.

At first glance of these prolific names, most Central Ohioans would assume I’m referencing the Columbus Museum of Art, but artwork from these artists actually reside in the Schumacher Gallery located at Capital University. That’s right, this little gem located in Bexley, Ohio is home to some great pieces of art created by some of the best known artists.

The bad news is that due to Covid-19, the gallery is currently closed.
Wait! Don’t click away, there’s good news.

As fate would have it, you can access a good portion of the artwork through their free mobile app that we recently released. How did this work out so perfectly? It actually was just good timing that the app release coincided with the unfortunate temporary closing of doors.

Development of the App started over a year ago and was first pitched to us as an interactive kiosk that would be mounted within the gallery. But the more we learned what the needs of the project entailed, the clearer it became that a mobile application was the better path to take.


David Gentilini, Director of the Schumacher Gallery Director recently shared the following thoughts and original concept:

The Schumacher Gallery App was a project long before "there's an app for that." Originally this idea was something that was being workshopped for a website, but as technology continued to grow, creating an app was the right way to go. I slowly worked on organizing ideas and data for the app behind the scenes for years and finally found Red Minnow to help me bring this project to fruition. They were able to translate my garbled notes and create something not only beautiful, but something that is resourceful, easy to use, and should help bring the depth of the Gallery's collections to the fingertips of the patrons. If you want to delve into the biography of an artist, get a detailed look of the artwork, explore the culture of the people and traditions of a costume, or if you just want to take a virtual stroll through the collections and select your favorites for your next visit, you can do all of that within the app.

This has been a passion project of mine for a very long time and I cannot be more thrilled that it is finally here! The fact that it is not only beautiful, but also simple to navigate and update just makes the whole process even more worthwhile.


We are super excited with the app and look forward to watching it evolve through the years.
Currently, David and his team of gallery curators are processing through their extensive collection of artwork to be included in the app as quickly as they can, so it will continue to grow and evolve over time to eventually contain every piece.
To read more about the app and view the project in our work.

The app is free and available to anyone at the
Apple App Store:
or Google Play Store:

About the Schumacher Gallery

Located at the top floor of the Blackmore library of Capital University in Bexley, Ohio.
The Schumacher Gallery contains 8 permanent collections:

  • African
  • Asian
  • Graphics
  • Inuit (the largest collection in the midwest)
  • Oceanic
  • Ohio
  • Period Works
  • Photography

Normally open Monday through Saturday from 1-5pm during the academic year and free to visit, the gallery is currently closed due to Covid-19.
For more information about the gallery and expected reopening dates, please visit:

Additional info can be found in the following article published on Bexley's ThisWeekNews website. App Offers Virtual Visitor’s Pass To Capital Gallery

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