3 ways Digital Signage can help communicate your company plans

As you start implementing your new year goals and how you want to move your business forward, how will you get that message out most effectively to your team and your customers?

And then report on progress throughout the year? We believe you can do this most effectively through customizable digital signage.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Digital signage can improve employee engagement by as much as 25%*.
    Your logo, company name and its mission are very important to your business. How do you display these items, and how do you use signage to help tell the story about your company and what you value? This signage can be integrated with your internal networks to allow you to develop and easily deploy new content throughout the year.
  2. Digital signage improves brand awareness by 47%*.
    Digital signage can excite your customers. Through digital signage, you can create visual media that informs, excites and engages your audience. You can show high-definition images, video, and audio, and you can make it interactive with touch screen capability.
  3. Digital signage captures 400% more views than a static display*.
    Think about your space and how strategically placed digital signage can enhance your message. The increase in the number of views over static displays shows the interest of the consumers towards this digital form of marketing.

Which companies can most benefit from digital signage?

Based on our experience:

  • Corporate lobbys – headquarters and multi-location companies
  • Universities and other educational institutions
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Trade Shows to help communicate and generate leads

The benefits of digital signage are to improve communication with these people, to enhance your company image, to build excitement around what you are doing, and to keep customers, employees, and students engaged.

Want to learn more about how digital signage can work for you in the coming year? Contact me at duane@redminnow.com

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