Uckele Tradeshow Kiosk
Uckele Health & Nutrition

Tradeshow Interactive Kiosk

This interactive touchscreen kiosk for Uckele was designed to increase customers' time at their tradeshow booth, and also to keep them engaged until the busy sales team could address them. In addition to key information about Uckele and their services (such as company history, manufacturing process overview, and more), the kiosk offered a label-maker app which allowed users to design labels for their own nutritional products and then email it to themselves. This application captured key customer information and created an additional touchpoint for the sales team once the trade show was over.

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Uckele Health and Nutrition
Uckele Tradeshow Kiosk
Interactive Tradeshow Kiosk Uckele

Better Intelligence, More Touchpoints

One of the key features of the trade show interactive kiosk was to capture and pre-qualify leads for the sales team. Once a booth visitor completed a label design through the touchscreen display, they would provide their contact information and consent for the sales team to contact them.

The sales team could also view their label designs to gather information about what types of nutritional products in which that customer may be interested.

Uckele Interactive Tradeshow Kiosk
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